FashionZero: Showcasing The Work of Arts of Youths

FashionZero: Showcasing The Work of Arts of Youths
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Fashionzero is created to give youths the chance to showcase their work of art or their talents to the world. This will help them gin visibility throughout the world. Already onboarded are two of the websites listed below.



Nikexpress is a local news website owned by Babalola OmoNike to bring to life the happenings around Nigeria and beyond. OmoNike is a seasoned and educated journalist who values reporting the truth.

T&T Clothing

T&T Clothing
T&T Clothing

A company owned by Adelakun Oluwatobiloba Enoch, created to showcase clothing which has been designed by creative minds from the company. T&T clothing includes a variety of clothing materials with the cost implication for those who wish to buy within Nigeria (as at present).



A home delivery dry cleaning service owned by Oladeji Olatunji Victor. Sparkleen is available to deliver your washed and sparkling ironed cloths to your homes around Osogbo, Nigeria.


Owned by Akolade Sammie Akolade, SMxChange provides the shortcut to exchanging your BTC, ETH, Giftcards, etc. to Nigerian Naira and Vice Versa.


FashionZero was created by Ogundiran Ayobami Abiola (@ayobamiabiola11 and @ayobami99 on twitter), the owner of CryptoStocksReviews, to help youths get visibility and help them to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

I am no developer but I believe strongly in dreams and relentlessness. I joined in the creation of @Blackphotos (on Steemit), though it has never seen the light of the day I still carry it with me everywhere I go. Feel free to DM me on my social media account or shoot me an e-mail at to talk more about creative or innovative ideas or dreams. I am a writer myself and I am open to opportunities especially on the Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. If you’d wish to support the dream or create your own free WordPress website or shop on this network you can also message me.

I believe in realities, but much more than that, I BELIEVE in DREAMS.

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